It's been a fantastic week with "Chester Bug".  He is a little ball of energy and fun.  He's constantly wagging his tail and is ready for whatever the day has in store for him.  He trots all over the compound greeting everyone - staff, inmates, labs, puppies, and wardens.

His handlers began training this week and they say it's evident he gets his brains and good looks from his two mommies there at the prison.  All kidding aside, he does a perfect "heel" and is doing a great "wait" (even at the doors).  They've begun scooping him into a sit and he almost has it.  They make training a game so he's always having fun and learning. 

Chester is such an adorable boy.  He looks at you with his big brown eyes and perky ears and your heart just melts.  He has a wonderful temperment and gets along great with all the other dogs.  He, of course, loves the ladies.

His handlers cannot say enough how great Chester is and how well he is doing.  He is such a joy to train, care for, and spend their days with.  They didn't think he liked toys but all of a sudden he snatched one of the plush monkeys and started tossing it in the air.  It was so cute! 

This week their focus is walking on leash better and, of course, basic commands.  He is adjusting very well.