It has been an incredible week with Chester. This perfect companion keeps his handler smiling and uplifted. She thanks God every day for bringing Chester into her life. He's a one of a kind dog! He's super friendly and sweet with all the larger dogs and even shares his bowl and his toys with his buddies. He has just seen his first tiny dog (3.5 pounds) this week and is fascinated. His handler is keeping an eye on how he behaves. Chester is doing excellently in his training and is such a quick learner that he's learning extra commands (visit, lap, up, off and hug). He loves training and focuses well. This boy loves prancing up and down the aisle with his toy. He can entertain himself forever throwing it up and catching it! Chester is such an awesome companion and so well behaved. He's pretty much content anywhere and with anyone. As his handler says about working with Chester and the other hounds: "Every day is a new adventure and such a blessing for us women incarcerated far away from home and family.”