A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Hello Lulu fans! 

Ever since he was old enough to walk, Lulu's trainer has had a dog in his life. To be honest, he kind of loves them more than he loves people. And Little Miss Lulu has provided him with an experience that no other dog ever has, which is having the privilege to watch her lose her puppy teeth and get her big girl teeth! He was lucky enough to find one tooth while cleaning her kennel and watched another drop right out of her mouth after drinking some water. And now her two bottom canines are literally hanging out of the side of her mouth. He's even wiggled them around a few times, trying to get them to come on out. He's doing his best to make sure he can add them to the collection! The collection which he will be sending to y'all, by the way. And thanks to Miss Patti, the dogs got really nice beds and pillows in their kennels. Which means that he's now more than just Lulu's personal trainer. That's right folks, he's a certified Tooth Fairy! He put Lulu's teeth under her little pillow, and the next morning he replaced them with some of her favorite treats. It was so cute watching her wake up and move her pillow around to get to the treats. It was one of the very few times that Lulu has slept in her kennel and not in the bed with him. Well y'all, that's all for now. Y'all take care!

A Severe Case Of ADORABLE

Hello LuLu fans! And I know there’s a lot of you out there, so I’m going to bring you all up to speed on everything. LuLu started out at the prison at 7 weeks old, weighed 8 lbs. and was 13 inches tall to the top of her shoulders. LuLu is now 5 months old. Weighs a whopping 27 lbs. and she stands at 22 inches tall. She has the biggest, but most adorable ears her trainer has ever seen! She also has the most intense, but undeniable cute stare. Her trainer knows this, because she never takes her eyes off of him.

LuLu is very loving, extremely smart. Don’t forget playful and she also has an unlimited amount of energy. After all, she is a greyhound puppy! Her trainer said he loves her with all his heart! He has so much to tell you about her, including a special story about some recent changes that little miss LuLu has gone through, but you will just have to wait and wonder until next week, because it’s LuLu’s bed time. Goodnight…

See You Soon

Dear Forever Family, 

I just wanted to write a few lines to tell you how I’m doing and to provide you with a list of provisions for when I arrive home.   

First, I need lots of treats, like a whole dump truck load… not an 18-wheeler load… like the oversized load kind.  Second, I’d like a soft bed and some toys.  Lots of them.

  I’m totally excited to be going to this new forever home thing.  He says I should show off all my command skills.  Oh, you should know I got all 10s on my command show and tell.  I’ve even learned a few extras!  It’s okay for you to tell me how awesome I am…. really!  If you happen to feel compelled to tell me I’m cute and scratch my head that’s okay too.  AND if you feel the need to give me a yummy treat… well that’s only natural and you should definitely follow through with that one.  

I’ll see you soon!

Run, Lulu, Run!

Dear Lulu Fans,

We’re almost there! We are one week from the end of the session, and her swap week trainer thinks Lulu may have a bit of a Lassie complex. She is so smart that her trainer is overwhelmed by happiness that he got to work with her. She is probably the smartest dog in the program, even though she’s the youngest and smallest! She is also cute as a button. And believe us when we tell you, this baby loves to RUN! When she gets to cut loose, she runs nonstop until she gets tired, and even then when her trainers try to go get her, she thinks they’re trying to play - and she starts off again! It’s like she never runs out of energy. She is a puppy, after all.

Lulu also loves toys and is HIGHLY treat motivated, which likely explains how she picks up on everything so quickly. Her swap week trainer had an absolute blast spending time and playing with Lulu this week, and she officially took the coveted spot in his heart of Favorite Greyhound to date since the program’s inception!

Prepare your hearts, folks, ‘cause Lulu’s on the move!

Everyone's Cuckoo For LuLu!

LuLu is one amazing greyhound. Here trainer said she is extremely attentive and aware of everything, including her commands. Just a simple hand signal and she knows exactly what is expected of her. I don’t know how, but she just keeps getting cuter and cuter the bigger she gets. Maybe one day she will grow into her ears!

Her trainers also learned LuLu is a “cheap treater.” She will do anything for an ice cube! As long as you have a freezer and water… Presto. You’ve got treats! It’s never a dull moment with LuLu around. She’s a sweet pup with an upbeat attitude and happy-go-lucky vibe. Her forever family is going to go cuckoo for LuLu!!

Growing Like a (super cute) Weed!

Dear Lulu Fans,

The end of this session is approaching and Lulu’s last session will soon begin! Her trainer says he is proud and privileged to be part of #TeamLulu. She’s taught him as much as he’s taught her! Lulu definitely has a personality of her own - sometimes it seems like she thinks she’s human. She loves being babied, pampered, rocked, loved on, and especially to get treated! And just like a baby, she picks up on everything the first time.

Her favorite time is playtime (duh!), and she just loves to go nuts in the play room! Not too crazy, but just enough to be entertaining and cute and fun. Her trainer normally lets her romp around for about 15 minutes so playtime can stay special. He also makes it a habit to weigh her frequently, since she’s growing like a weed! She’s 20 pounds and is now at the point where it’s not easy to carry her. Her trainer is excited for the final weeks of this session, and then to spend another 10-week session with Miss Lulu! She even knows five extras well already (leave it, shake, paws up, spin and high-five - who knows what she’ll accomplish in round two?!).

Show off!

Lulu continues to amaze. She loves to run and play.  Her inmate trainer says that watching Lulu run and play is a true joy.  Her most prized possession is a two foot long orange and black snake with lots of squeakers. She goes absolutely bonkers over it! Running around the room, butt hugging the ground to keep her from tumbling over. She even stalks the toy from across the room. Creeping up on it and pouncing on it like a tiger. Lulu is so much fun to have around. Her forever family is going to have a blast with this little one.


As the Puppy Turns

Howdy, Lulu fans!

Welcome to the end of week 5. The first thing on the agenda is to proudly announce that Lulu is now a big girl! She has successfully made it a full week with no potty accidents, and has earned her stay in a big kennel. So now that they’ve overcome her biggest stumbling block, let’s take a moment to talk about the week’s story and the headline for week five, “As the Puppy Turns.”

Her trainer is inspired by the running instincts bred into greyhounds, so at least once a day he takes Lulu into the training room to play. Her most beloved toy is the two foot long orange and black snake. With three squeakers in it! She gets going with it and just goes nuts over that thing, running so fast that her little butt has to hug the ground to keep from tumbling over! Even her crooked ears will straighten out and lie down for better aerodynamics. She even stalks the toy from across the room, creeping up on it and pouncing like a jungle kitty.

Until next week, y’all take care!

Bath time fun!

Lulu’s inmate trainer says there are many memorable moments with sweet Lulu.  She’s all cute puppy and fun.  She’s learning about potty times, but still has a little trouble holding it until potty time. She had a little accident in her crate so after her inmate trainer got the crate all cleaned up, he gave Lulu a bath… in the mop bucket.   He says he fills the bucket about ½ full and she sits down in the bucket and gives him sweet innocent puppy eyes.   She seems to enjoy getting her bath and waits patiently till her trainer is finished.  He says that when her takes her out, she tries to jump right back in the bucket!

Her inmate trainer says that Lulu sure knows how to keep him laughing. She’s his pride and joy and he loves having her around

Goofy Girl

Dear followers of Little Lulu,

Welcome to the end of week three and beginning of week four in Lulu’s very first session! Allow us to catch you up on what’s been going on in the life of this little puppy. First, she has adorable, crazy ears. It seems like every day they’ve been maneuvered or bent in a different direction. From a distance, sometimes she looks like a cartoon bat! And when she runs, she hops along like a little kangaroo.

Lulu is so cute in her daily life. She’s in the midst of potty training and her trainer says he’s never seen a pee take THAT long, especially for such a little dog! The other day, she peed seven times in one hour. She’s on a “tight leash” with her water breaks, but her trainer thinks she may have learned some doggone way to pick locks and get her own water!

Lulu is learning like a champ, and so far, she knows all of her commands (and then some!). She is excelling and is something of a celebrity here – everyone loves her, and we know you will, too!

Little Girl. Big Personality.

Even though it’s only the second week into this training session it’s Ms. Lulu’s fifth week.  Lulu is 12 weeks old and 14 pounds!  Her inmate trainer says she’s growing really fast!  She’s started running in the small yard while the bigger dogs run in the big yard.  They go up and down the fence line running and playing!  He says it’s a real treat to watch.  

Lulu and Foxy have become best friends.  They get along great!  They lay on the bed together, share toys, treats and chase each other around the training room.  He says that Lulu is hands down the most attentive greyhound he’s ever worked with. She’s incredibly smart and learns things quickly.  

Lulu’s trainer says that these past weeks have been the best!  She fills his days with love and joy!  

Little Superstar!

Boy Oh Boy!  When it comes to Little Miss LuLu, where does her trainer start?  Here goes… She came into her trainer’s life in the middle of November.  She was a tiny little thing.  Around 8 lbs. One month later and she’s grown to a whopping 13 lbs.  She’s getting bigger by the day and so is her personality and cuteness!!  There’s no end to the fun, laughs and memorable moments she gives to everyone with her little puppy ways 

LuLu is a little superstar at the prison.  Everyone knows her. Everyone loves her, and everyone comes by the dorm just to sneak a peek of her. There’s so much her trainer wants to tell you about her, but it’s gonna have to wait until next week.