Little Girl. Big Personality.

Even though it’s only the second week into this training session it’s Ms. Lulu’s fifth week.  Lulu is 12 weeks old and 14 pounds!  Her inmate trainer says she’s growing really fast!  She’s started running in the small yard while the bigger dogs run in the big yard.  They go up and down the fence line running and playing!  He says it’s a real treat to watch.  

Lulu and Foxy have become best friends.  They get along great!  They lay on the bed together, share toys, treats and chase each other around the training room.  He says that Lulu is hands down the most attentive greyhound he’s ever worked with. She’s incredibly smart and learns things quickly.  

Lulu’s trainer says that these past weeks have been the best!  She fills his days with love and joy!