Growing Like a (super cute) Weed!

Dear Lulu Fans,

The end of this session is approaching and Lulu’s last session will soon begin! Her trainer says he is proud and privileged to be part of #TeamLulu. She’s taught him as much as he’s taught her! Lulu definitely has a personality of her own - sometimes it seems like she thinks she’s human. She loves being babied, pampered, rocked, loved on, and especially to get treated! And just like a baby, she picks up on everything the first time.

Her favorite time is playtime (duh!), and she just loves to go nuts in the play room! Not too crazy, but just enough to be entertaining and cute and fun. Her trainer normally lets her romp around for about 15 minutes so playtime can stay special. He also makes it a habit to weigh her frequently, since she’s growing like a weed! She’s 20 pounds and is now at the point where it’s not easy to carry her. Her trainer is excited for the final weeks of this session, and then to spend another 10-week session with Miss Lulu! She even knows five extras well already (leave it, shake, paws up, spin and high-five - who knows what she’ll accomplish in round two?!).