Goofy Girl

Dear followers of Little Lulu,

Welcome to the end of week three and beginning of week four in Lulu’s very first session! Allow us to catch you up on what’s been going on in the life of this little puppy. First, she has adorable, crazy ears. It seems like every day they’ve been maneuvered or bent in a different direction. From a distance, sometimes she looks like a cartoon bat! And when she runs, she hops along like a little kangaroo.

Lulu is so cute in her daily life. She’s in the midst of potty training and her trainer says he’s never seen a pee take THAT long, especially for such a little dog! The other day, she peed seven times in one hour. She’s on a “tight leash” with her water breaks, but her trainer thinks she may have learned some doggone way to pick locks and get her own water!

Lulu is learning like a champ, and so far, she knows all of her commands (and then some!). She is excelling and is something of a celebrity here – everyone loves her, and we know you will, too!