As the Puppy Turns

Howdy, Lulu fans!

Welcome to the end of week 5. The first thing on the agenda is to proudly announce that Lulu is now a big girl! She has successfully made it a full week with no potty accidents, and has earned her stay in a big kennel. So now that they’ve overcome her biggest stumbling block, let’s take a moment to talk about the week’s story and the headline for week five, “As the Puppy Turns.”

Her trainer is inspired by the running instincts bred into greyhounds, so at least once a day he takes Lulu into the training room to play. Her most beloved toy is the two foot long orange and black snake. With three squeakers in it! She gets going with it and just goes nuts over that thing, running so fast that her little butt has to hug the ground to keep from tumbling over! Even her crooked ears will straighten out and lie down for better aerodynamics. She even stalks the toy from across the room, creeping up on it and pouncing like a jungle kitty.

Until next week, y’all take care!