Cookie is a loving ball of energy. She spent some time with her handler at work in the laundry this week and did fine with a labrador who was also there. She was very calm and good around him. Cookie is a talker and will sometimes bark if you look at her while she's excited playing, as if she's trying to sass you or maybe tell you something! She easily stops if you tell her quiet. Her commands include sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, speak and wait. She does fine on the stairs as well. She is a wonderful dog, with literally the biggest smile, and has so much love to give.


Cookie has been doing well with her commands and listens really well. She's a very outgoing girl and so full of life. She loves to play with toys now and gets so excited having fun with them. Her handler is working towards making her 100% in all respects when she leaves for her forever home. Then adds: "Well, she is already at a 100, so then she will be 110 percent!"


Cookie has had a very good week. She worked well on her commands. Her sit/stay is good when she's either waiting for food or next to her handler, but she hasn't yet mastered staying when her handler walks away - she chases after her! Her extras kennel and up/off round out her commands. She will play indoors with toys now, but not outside. Off leash outdoors, she runs full speed for the doors. Her famous smile draws officers and staff from around the compound. She doesn't give her full smile to everyone but when she does it, it's amazing to see and you can't help but smile yourself. Cookie is very smart and very loving. You can't help falling in love with her.


Cookie impressed the line in the canteen this week by running through sit, down, advanced heel, shake and wait all to order while they were waiting to get lunch! This girl is full of energy, with a good personality that is sweet and loving. Her handler encourages people to greet her calmly, because if the human is excitable, Cookie gets excited, too. She does correct well, however. They continue to work together on a couple of areas: there's some occasional pulling with her excitement that they are focussing on and she will express herself with a little whine if you stand and chat too long and she's bored! Cookie does very well with all the other dogs (though there is a 2 pound teeny puppy that has her confused - she's sniffed her through the crate, very curious). She is also very funny. Her handler calls her My Cookie Nut; she's been exactly what this inmate has needed in this point in her life.


Cookie has had a very good week. She's been taken to practice her commands in different parts of the compound and has done great. She knows all her commands, plus extras - bed, up/off and lap. She can do stairs cautiously. If she pulls on her leash, it's corrected easily either by using quick leash pops and saying Easy, or by letting her go to the length of the leash and then saying "Cookie, heel!" and she'll heel on her own back to your side. Cookie is a very active and playful girl. She can get excited easily, which her handler is working on with her. This weekend she did a switch of dorm and handler and was a little unsure at first, but then settled and did well with a lot of walking during the day. Very sweet and loving, Cookie loves everyone and all the other dogs. She's fine with being handled and loves to be hugged. Cookie does fine with all grooming and bathing other than she only likes to have her nails clipped while standing! Her first five weeks have gone great and her handler is looking forward to continuing to get this very smart and happy girl ready for her forever family.


Cookie is very loving and sweet and loves to give kisses. She does great with the other dogs, inmates and staff. There is even a sergeant who comes in just to see her smile! Her week has been very good, with her pulling on leash improving and any pulls easily corrected. She knows her commands, sit, down, advanced heel, wait (she can be stubborn with this one), bed, up/off and here. Her handler is working on the shake command with her. She's playing better with her toys, though still is cautious with them. Her handler is looking forward to the rest of her time with Cookie as she gets her ready for her forever home. This sweet girl has her heart!


Cookie has had a very good and productive week. She knows her basics - sit/stay, down, advanced heel bed, wait and kennel - and is ready for more advanced commands. She's doing much better heel walking; if she starts to pull, all it takes is a little leash pop and saying "easy" and she walks right beside her handler. Cookie was scared of toys but that was worked on this week and within 10 minutes she was throwing the toys around; it was great to see and a great start! She's doing really well with the other dogs, including the CCI dogs. There is one officer Cookie especially likes and she always comes out of her kennel with her big, broad all-teeth smiley greeting to say hi to this officer. It's the sweetest thing to see!


This weekend Cookie sat with her handler on the floor and they watched a movie together. This girl is so easy to love and has a great personality. She used to whine quite a bit when she first arrived at the prison, but has really settled well. The most awesome thing she does is when she first comes out of her kennel, she smiles showing all her teeth - front and sides. She also smiles like that at all the officers, which has made her their favorite! Toys don't interest her yet, in fact she hides behind her kennel when her handler brings them out, so that is being worked on! She's very smart and is learning her commands quickly. Cookie does very well with all the other dogs and the puppies. Everyone who comes in contact with her loves her.


Cookie has had a very good week.  She still pulls on leash but does correct well.  In time, her handlers feel certain she will overcome this altogether.  Her inmate began scooping her this week, working on the "sit" command.  By Sunday, she was able to give a slight tug on her leash using the verbal "sit" command and she sat.  With a bit more time, she'll be plopping herself into a sit with no effort at all!

She is also doing "heel", "down", "bed" and "wait".  It's just the first week teaching, using, and reinforcing the commands. She is doing great thus far! 

Cookie loves to love on people and other dogs.  When she first comes out of the kennel she smiles, showing all her teeth - it makes her inmate's day!  Everyone in the dorm loves her for her smile!  Her tail wags, non-stop, and she loves to give kisses. 

Her inmate is looking forward to her time with Cookie and getting her ready for her forever home.  She has stolen her heart and she knows her new family will love her, too!

First Impressions - 07/28/13

We Wantour Mummy came in very excited, with her tail wagging, trying to lick the face of her inmate handler.  Everyone in the dorm already loves her because she is so sweet and little!  They are calling her "Cookie".

The other morning she did something her inmate had never seen - she smiled!  Yes, showing all of her pearly whites in a sweet morning smile!  She did it again for others in the dorm later that day.

Cookie has an awesome personality and her inmate knows she'll do great once she has adjusted completely to her new environment.  She already loves her and is looking forward to her training and getting her ready for her forever home!