Cookie impressed the line in the canteen this week by running through sit, down, advanced heel, shake and wait all to order while they were waiting to get lunch! This girl is full of energy, with a good personality that is sweet and loving. Her handler encourages people to greet her calmly, because if the human is excitable, Cookie gets excited, too. She does correct well, however. They continue to work together on a couple of areas: there's some occasional pulling with her excitement that they are focussing on and she will express herself with a little whine if you stand and chat too long and she's bored! Cookie does very well with all the other dogs (though there is a 2 pound teeny puppy that has her confused - she's sniffed her through the crate, very curious). She is also very funny. Her handler calls her My Cookie Nut; she's been exactly what this inmate has needed in this point in her life.