Cookie has had a very good week. She's been taken to practice her commands in different parts of the compound and has done great. She knows all her commands, plus extras - bed, up/off and lap. She can do stairs cautiously. If she pulls on her leash, it's corrected easily either by using quick leash pops and saying Easy, or by letting her go to the length of the leash and then saying "Cookie, heel!" and she'll heel on her own back to your side. Cookie is a very active and playful girl. She can get excited easily, which her handler is working on with her. This weekend she did a switch of dorm and handler and was a little unsure at first, but then settled and did well with a lot of walking during the day. Very sweet and loving, Cookie loves everyone and all the other dogs. She's fine with being handled and loves to be hugged. Cookie does fine with all grooming and bathing other than she only likes to have her nails clipped while standing! Her first five weeks have gone great and her handler is looking forward to continuing to get this very smart and happy girl ready for her forever family.