Cookie has had a very good week.  She still pulls on leash but does correct well.  In time, her handlers feel certain she will overcome this altogether.  Her inmate began scooping her this week, working on the "sit" command.  By Sunday, she was able to give a slight tug on her leash using the verbal "sit" command and she sat.  With a bit more time, she'll be plopping herself into a sit with no effort at all!

She is also doing "heel", "down", "bed" and "wait".  It's just the first week teaching, using, and reinforcing the commands. She is doing great thus far! 

Cookie loves to love on people and other dogs.  When she first comes out of the kennel she smiles, showing all her teeth - it makes her inmate's day!  Everyone in the dorm loves her for her smile!  Her tail wags, non-stop, and she loves to give kisses. 

Her inmate is looking forward to her time with Cookie and getting her ready for her forever home.  She has stolen her heart and she knows her new family will love her, too!