Giggles gets along well with the other dogs, including the Easter Seals dog in the classroom where she goes with one of her handlers.  She does her commands well.  She is such a changed dog from the scared little girl who arrived there weeks ago.  She's a lot more trusting and socializes more.  She's calmer with people, has learned to relax and she's running on her own when off leash. It's a great feeling for her handlers to watch her grow and become this loving and loveable dog.  She has done so much for them, too.  She is a dog that will steal your heart as she has stolen theirs.  She has warmed their hearts in so many ways from when they first looked in her eyes and saw all the pain and wanted to take it away - and they did!  She has become this great dog, beginning to enjoy life as she never knew she could.  Her handlers play fun games with her and she's responding really well to them.  She now knows how to trust, which is great for her and for those who love her and work with her.  They couldn't ask for a better dog.