Over the weekend, Giggles went to spend socializing time in another dorm with a different handler.  It took her a little while to settle and get over her shyness.  After she got to know her new handler, they spent time together with Giggles relaxing on her blanket and her handler petting and loving on her.  She did great with her commands once she was comfortable.  She knows all the basic commands but just pauses sometimes before doing them. Their main weekend focus was on the stay command.   Giggles spent plenty of time being walked outside on the field.  She is a good heel walker.  She will stick by your side and stay close all the time.  Her weekend alternate loved having her for those three days.  Otherwise during the week she worked daily on practicing a down/stay for meals.  She continues to be peppier with each week, though still anxious in noisy situations.  Her regimen of exercise, love and training with lots of praise is bringing reward to all of them.  Giggles is such a sweet little charmer who is touching so many lives around her.  She's a blessing.