This week Giggles has done very well.  In the dorm she now walks around like she owns it and does her own thing!  Her best commands are sit, stairs and wait, but she knows all the basics.  She's still skittish with some of the officers and with noisy or very busy places, but other than that she is really good.  Giggles has helped her handler in so many ways.  She has inspired her to do what's right in life.  When she's away, her handler misses her dearly. The beauty about Giggles, she says, is that she will change you and make you see life for what it is, not for what you just thought you wanted it to be.  This girl has shown her to want the important things - family, friends, someone who loves you.  No more pain, no more suffering, just living life to the fullest, appreciating the little things and giving back - doing some good along the way. It's a great feeling.