The word Amazing sums Rusty up for her handler. She is so sweet and spunky and has done great with a variety of handlers.  She does all her commands well (verbal and hand signals) and has learned extras touch, hug, paws up and off.  She loves playing in the garden where her handler works, and explores any and everything.  She loves the inmates, staff and other dogs. She loves affection and melts your heart with her eyes.  This girl is going to show her new family the reason why dogs are called "man's best friend." Rusty has taught her handler so much and with her very loving personality has really deepened her handler's love of greyhounds.  Congratulations to her forever family!  You won't be disappointed - she is indeed Amazing!


Rusty is progressing very well in all areas and her handler is very proud of her.  Some new dogs arrived this past week and Rusty is getting along great with them.  In her training, she is very smart and eager to learn and please.  She will do anything for a kibble.  You still need to get her attention with a kibble, but once you have her attention, she will do commands without kibbling every time.  Sometimes she will be so excited with her kibble that she will run through her repertoire without being asked!  Though her handler has still not completely stopped her from jumping while on leash, with continued practice it is happening less and less often. This girl is very playful and full of energy.  She plays hard and has to be persuaded to slow down when she plays off leash.  In the dorm, they spend a lot of time in calm, easy play.


Rusty's handler went to work release and she has a new handler who continues to work with her and help her practice the areas where she still needs to improve.  Rusty knows all her commands (verbal and hand) very well except for stay and shake, which they have been working hard on this week, with good results. She's also been learning hug, visit and touch! Her new handler is working her through some of the occasional jumping on leash as well.  Rusty gets plenty of exercise and training daily.  Her day consists of going in the morning to the gardens where her handler works.  She loves being outside and out of her kennel.  In the gardens she gets to work on her commands in a different atmosphere. She's very smart, learns quickly and is very curious (but not fearful).  At 2:30 she goes to recreation and has time playing off leash.  She loves balls and will play for about 10 minutes before she tires.  Her handler then walks her down before returning her to her kennel.  She is enjoying working with Rusty, who she finds to be well adjusted to her environment and a very spontaneous, loving and spunky greyhound.


Rusty spent time this week with a number of different handlers as part of the socialization process. She did really well. She still pulls on the leash, but it's a lot better and the incidences of her jumping up while on leash have become fewer and fewer.  She's becoming more comfortable and trusting in her environment all the time.  Rusty is a very loving and playful girl.  Sometimes she gets excited and playfully mouths, which her handlers are working on. She enjoys quieter times, too, and lies calmly at her handler's feet in the television area enjoying the attention of anyone who comes to sit next to her and pet her. She does love her food and gets quite excited at the prospect of kibble!  Her handlers say she's very good in training and does her commands instantly for a kibble reward.  They're gradually moving away from treat rewards to praise.  Rusty has a very happy, playful personality and is a real joy to everyone around her.


It’s been another beautiful week with Rusty. She has such a funny yet loving personality and always makes her handler smile. Recently she has been getting a little excitable on leash, but has been corrected right away. She’s also been improving her confidence on the shiny floors. Rusty loves being outdoors and loves chasing and playing with the other greyhounds.  She’s very fast and beautiful when she runs. If she’s stuck in her kennel and another dog walks by she barks at them, but when you correct her she stops. Rusty will make whoever gets her very happy and will make a wonderful Christmas gift.


Rusty continues to amaze her handlers with her patience and sweetness. She has a great personality and is so much fun to be around. She also plays well with other greyhounds and runs very fast. Watching her run is like watching a dream - a free spirit - a joy!  She's doing well with her commands and loves to learn new things. She's been a bit unsure of shiny floors a couple of times, so that is being worked on. This loving girl thinks that everybody should give her their full attention. She's a real cuddle bunny.  Rusty really is a joy to be with and is giving her handlers memories to cherish. She will fill your days with laughter.


Rusty's playfulness is coming out more and more. She loves tummy rubs and will roll over quickly to invite a good rub. With the cold weather this past week, sweaters are called for. Rusty is easily manipulated and waits patiently as her handler "dresses" her. She enjoys toys (loves her Kong) and has no problem with them being taken from her. She'll drop the toy or object most of the time with a verbal commnd. Rusty learns well and knows all her basic commands, plus touch and kennel. She's also learning visit and lap. Her easygoing and fun personality draws the dorm residents quickly to her. Even when new inmates come, Rusty knows no strangers. She shows no aggression with animals, people, food or toys. If another dog comes too close to her kennel while she's in it, she'll let them know with just a single bark, which is enough. All in all she's a wonderful dog.


What a wonderful dog Rusty is! Her handler believes her good and warm temperament and non-aggressive personality would make her an excellent candidate for a therapy dog. This week she learned the touch command. She learns very quickly and follows her handlers' direction very well. Rusty is easily motivated with or without kibble. She's mastered all the basics well and will be having visit and lap introduced into her training schedule this coming week. She is very curious about everyone and everything and has a non-aggressive nature interacting with large and small dogs. She also loves toys and is easy with them when you ask her to give them to you. Rusty loves to lie on a blanket by your side or your feet. She doesn't mind when you sing or read to her. She's so amazing and very sweet and loving.



Rusty's second week has been exciting and eventful. She is very smart and learns fast. They have worked on sit, stay, here, down and shake. Along with wait and kennel already learned, she has been quick to respond to all the commands, showing not only her intelligence and her willingness to learn but also her eagerness to please. Rusty is very playful. She likes squeaky toys and when her handler tries to straighten up her bedding in the kennel, she grabs the blanket every time and pulls it out of the kennel to lie on it! This little girl is very good when it comes to feeding. She doesn't seem to mind if other dogs or people are around, and if you feed her out of your hand, she is very gentle when taking it from you. Rusty is just amazing and whoever gets her is going to love everything about her.

First Impressions - 10/06/13

Rusty arrived with tail wagging and an amazing zest for love and life. She's such a beautiful girl with a great personality and has adapted quickly to her new surroundings as well as to the inmates, staff and other dogs. She ate without hesitation from her handler's hand and from the bowl from the start. She already lies with her head on her handler's lap enjoying tummy and foot rubs. She's loves to walk and is curious about everything and very playful. She has shown a little bossiness with some of the other female hounds but when corrected, she listens and moves on. Rusty is becoming familiar with the wait, kennel and hurry commands already. She's a wonderful, happy little girl, fun to be around and very loving.