Rusty's playfulness is coming out more and more. She loves tummy rubs and will roll over quickly to invite a good rub. With the cold weather this past week, sweaters are called for. Rusty is easily manipulated and waits patiently as her handler "dresses" her. She enjoys toys (loves her Kong) and has no problem with them being taken from her. She'll drop the toy or object most of the time with a verbal commnd. Rusty learns well and knows all her basic commands, plus touch and kennel. She's also learning visit and lap. Her easygoing and fun personality draws the dorm residents quickly to her. Even when new inmates come, Rusty knows no strangers. She shows no aggression with animals, people, food or toys. If another dog comes too close to her kennel while she's in it, she'll let them know with just a single bark, which is enough. All in all she's a wonderful dog.