Rusty's handler went to work release and she has a new handler who continues to work with her and help her practice the areas where she still needs to improve.  Rusty knows all her commands (verbal and hand) very well except for stay and shake, which they have been working hard on this week, with good results. She's also been learning hug, visit and touch! Her new handler is working her through some of the occasional jumping on leash as well.  Rusty gets plenty of exercise and training daily.  Her day consists of going in the morning to the gardens where her handler works.  She loves being outside and out of her kennel.  In the gardens she gets to work on her commands in a different atmosphere. She's very smart, learns quickly and is very curious (but not fearful).  At 2:30 she goes to recreation and has time playing off leash.  She loves balls and will play for about 10 minutes before she tires.  Her handler then walks her down before returning her to her kennel.  She is enjoying working with Rusty, who she finds to be well adjusted to her environment and a very spontaneous, loving and spunky greyhound.