Rusty spent time this week with a number of different handlers as part of the socialization process. She did really well. She still pulls on the leash, but it's a lot better and the incidences of her jumping up while on leash have become fewer and fewer.  She's becoming more comfortable and trusting in her environment all the time.  Rusty is a very loving and playful girl.  Sometimes she gets excited and playfully mouths, which her handlers are working on. She enjoys quieter times, too, and lies calmly at her handler's feet in the television area enjoying the attention of anyone who comes to sit next to her and pet her. She does love her food and gets quite excited at the prospect of kibble!  Her handlers say she's very good in training and does her commands instantly for a kibble reward.  They're gradually moving away from treat rewards to praise.  Rusty has a very happy, playful personality and is a real joy to everyone around her.