The Teenager

From the written words of Sansa's inmate trainer:

This week our team has watched a small spark of defiance blossom into a flame of total rebellion. She gets in these moods where she shows a fierce kind of determination that suggests all who are witness would do well to steer clear.  Somehow she pulls this off in such a way that it remains endearing. It seems our little princess has hit her teenage years. In a way this is a good sign because it shows us she has a level of confidence, and that is something every proper lady should have.
Her training is still going great.  We have decided to strengthen the command we know instead of adding anything new this week.  Besides, she is already a circus dog and short of showing her how to jump through a flaming hoop, there isn't much more to teach.
There is always excitement in the air around Sansa.  The kind of excitement that might include you in some way as if this is all just some crazy game and you are her secret collaborator. To be honest, that would be just fine by me.  After all, Sansa is the shining star of this show and we are just the supporting cast.

As you can see, Sansa has the entire dorm wrapped around her sweet little paw.  Lawd, she is going to be in for a rude awakening when she comes home and she is not the princess she thinks she is! (Who am I kidding, I'm sure she will continue to reign here, that is, if Gwyneth is amenable to such!)