And from Sansa's inmate trainer (he writes to much better than I can):

This week was full of new discoveries for Sansa.  One was where she discovered it would be wise to not try and floss using the kennel upon getting her mouth hung up she released a set of wails, exploring a whole new half-scale of notes that threatened to break the fragile membranes deep inside the human ear.  This skirmish was met with no injury other than a bruised ego. 
Her other discovery was that she has a long lost big sister "Gwyneth".  Sansa greeted her big sister with a kind of haughty, imperial delight.  One that I think "Gwyneth" did not full appreciate, but over the course of the visit particularly during their inaugural run together, I could feel an unceasing, tectonic shift towards that special one of a kind sisterly bond. I have no doubt that they will soon be staying up past their bedtime sharing "secrets" and giggling over some cute new boy dog they met while attending a meet and greet.
As far as training goes, she knows all of her commands front and back.  Because of that we are now in cruise mode where we spend our last days reinforcing our already magical bond that will last for the rest of our lives.

Ah, now isn't that the sweetest? He has really done an oustanding job with Sansa and the entire dorm is in love with her.

Her list of extras is amazing.  Here is what she can do (besides the basic commands of hurry, let's go, kennel, release, wait, heel, here, sit, down, stay, bed, and jump):

  • shake
  • leave it
  • kiss
  • bow
  • spin
  • toys up
  • night night
  • go to sleep
  • brush your hair
  • drop
  • give
  • paws up

It's amazing how much knowledge she has soaked up during these eight weeks.  Only a couple more and she comes home! We are so excited!