A Rising Star!

From the written words of Sansa's inmate trainer . . .

Ralph Waldo Emerson says that the secret to education lies in respecting the pupil.  Well, I have never seen a more perfect example than in the relationship I share with Sansa.  When it comes to learning, she is so eager to please due to the respect I bestow upon her daily.  We have used that to not only teach her the basics, but also some pretty amazing tricks. 
This week's tricks are "toys up" and "brush your hair".  Both are helpful because even though "Lady Sansa" was born into royalty, she must now learn how to care for herself. No more maid servants to do her bidding. That includes picking up after oneself and brushing your own hair.
"Brush your hair" is where Sansa rubs her paw over her head and face, thus brushing her hair.  After all, a lady never knows when some cute boy dog is looking her way.  Speaking of, her current crush is on a beautiful 75 pound fawn behemoth named "Buddy" (Sunderland).  When he comes around, she comes alive with a flurry of activity and I go from being the center of her universe to becoming some dismal planet on the outer reaches of space.
But in a way, we are all just planets in the universe hoping to be sprinkled with stardust from the celestial comet that is "Lady Sansa".

So, there you have it.  The summation you ask?  Lady Sansa is a hot mess!  I cannot wait until she finishes her prison training and can come home. 

She's a doll and we love her very much and cannot wait until she is a part of our home and our pack.