First Impressions - 07/28/13

Whats In A Name (now called "Maria") came in wagging her tail and eager to meet everyone.  She put herself on a self-imposed diet the first few days, no doubt from the stress of the move, but is now back to eating a normal portion for breakfast and dinner. 

Maria was a puller when she first arrived but is now walking on a more relaxed leash with ease.  She has an affinity for open doors so her handler is watching her closely.

They haven't begun any formal training yet since the first week is all about getting to know each other and acclimating to everything, however, Maria's handler has been working with her on the "wait" command when approaching open doors due to the above statement.  She is very eager to go out of them!  She is picking up on the new command quickly.  She is also already doing a good "heel walk". 

Her handler has introduced her to her classroom this week.  She explore the classroom, then found the dog blanket on the floor and promptly laid down.  Anytime the door opened, she would jump up. 

Maria has taken an early liking to the deputy warden which is a good thing.  Her inmate is looking forward to her training!