Maria is a people dog. She gets on well with other dogs, but people she adores. This girl is so very loving and eager to please. She really has no issues, though it appears she does enjoying digging in flower beds! She's an all around perfect dog, says her handler. Her commands mastered include sit, down, stay, here, advanced heel, shake, bed, wait, kennel, lap/visit, leave it, out and bang. She does fine with stairs. Maria is friendly, outgoing, active and playful. She loves being handled and you can brush her teeth with her head laying on your lap. Everyone has enjoyed her loving nature and will miss her kisses and friendly nudges. Her handler feels blessed to have been able to train such a great dog.


Maria had an alternate trainer for a couple of days this past week and did really great. There was no sign of separation anxiety - she adjusts and accepts very easily, without any mood changes. This girl loves to socialize and finds no-one a stranger. She plays well with the other dogs and is a very well-adjusted greyhound, with no sign of any type of aggression. She loves to play with the stuffed squeaky toys and with balls. And of course to do her extra playful commands, such as bang!


Maria is "one of a kind." She has had no issues that her handler has had to remedy. She's been introduced to other breeds and to small dogs and puppies and has done great with all of them. She also does well in thunderstorms! She is well-tempered and allows her handler to do pretty much anything to her. She has a happy-go-lucky personality. She is so excited at dinner time that she does a really cute pawing/bowing all at the same time! She gets across the board top marks for all her basic commands as well as kennel, lap, bang, drop (for toys) and give (for toys). She also knows leave it. Maria learned Bang in 2 days. She is, according to her handler, "the best greyhound ever!" Everyone loves her and thinks she's so beautiful.


Maria has been doing very well and standing up to working with the different inmates trying out for the greyhound program. A lot of people trying out ask to work with her as she is consistent doing her commands. Unfortunately they have been giving her a lot of treats in the process, so her handler is working now on getting her used to the idea of training without treats again! Maria is a high energy girl and loves to walk. She also loves to sunbathe in the grass. She's curious about everything. Her handler finds the Leave It command useful - Maria responds well to it, whether with something she's discovered on the floor or with a toy she has been playing with. She'll drop things when asked. This girl is full of love and everyone loves her in return.


Maria is just a breath of fresh air. She's doing very well and absolutely everyone loves her. They all know her name on the compound and want to say hi to her. The inmates trying out this past week for new spots on the Second Chance training team have been asking for her. Even with all the activity and all these new people, she has been very well tempered  and has allowed anyone to manipulate her. She's  energetic and loves to play. She's been getting training on playing with a toy and then releasing it and has excelled at everything. Her handler thinks she's the perfect pet! She is well balanced and knows all her commands, is loving but with no separation anxiety. She plays well with all the larger dogs, including the grown CCI labs, who she loves. She's fine with climbing stairs and very easy to groom. Maria is an outgoing girl who calms easily after play. One of the women who comes to work in the prison has fallen for her and is always asking to see her. This happy girl loves everyone and whoever gets her will love her, too!


It's been a great week with Maria. She's learned drop it this week and is very successfully responding by giving up a toy right away on request. Her repertoire of commands includes all the basics, as well as lap. She's very smart and learns easily. Maria loves to go outside and walk. She also loved running off leash on the field this week. Her handler can manipulate her, putting her hand in Maria's mouth or playing with her ears, feet or face. Maria can also be hugged and pays no attention if her handler stands over her or walks over her. She's doing really great and is a well balanced hound.


Maria is a very happy, energetic girl. She got a new squeaker toy and loves it! She's a great heel walker and listens very well. Her down/stay needs some work but her mastering of going up the stairs this week was a good achievement. She started off quite leery of going up, but now does it without any difficulties, like a pro! Maria is fearful of no-one and loves people. She also gets along well with her fellow greys. She's really smart and has a very good temperament.


Maria's training is going great. She is sitting on her own and also starting to do a down. Her wait is very good. She's coming along with the other basic commands and right now the focus is on practicing stay. She corrects well. This friendly girl goes easily to everyone and has been fine with dogs and people when out and about. The other residents take opportunities to walk her around and she does great with them.


Maria continues to be very friendly and outgoing with everyone.  She loves toys, too, and will throw them around and chase them.

She is getting better at "wait" at doorways but she still has a ways to go.  They started "sit" training this past week.  She is doing well with the scooping.  Her inmate feels she will "get it" within the week.  She knows "bed" on command and walks really well on lead with minimal pulling.

Maria spent the evening next door with another inmate.  She was friendly and playful in the other dorm.  Maria loves to be petted and rubbed all over.  Once you stop she will block you in so you can't leave her.  She says "she'll decide when you're done"!  Spoiled already but they love her immensely!

First Impressions - 07/28/13

Whats In A Name (now called "Maria") came in wagging her tail and eager to meet everyone.  She put herself on a self-imposed diet the first few days, no doubt from the stress of the move, but is now back to eating a normal portion for breakfast and dinner. 

Maria was a puller when she first arrived but is now walking on a more relaxed leash with ease.  She has an affinity for open doors so her handler is watching her closely.

They haven't begun any formal training yet since the first week is all about getting to know each other and acclimating to everything, however, Maria's handler has been working with her on the "wait" command when approaching open doors due to the above statement.  She is very eager to go out of them!  She is picking up on the new command quickly.  She is also already doing a good "heel walk". 

Her handler has introduced her to her classroom this week.  She explore the classroom, then found the dog blanket on the floor and promptly laid down.  Anytime the door opened, she would jump up. 

Maria has taken an early liking to the deputy warden which is a good thing.  Her inmate is looking forward to her training!