Maria is just a breath of fresh air. She's doing very well and absolutely everyone loves her. They all know her name on the compound and want to say hi to her. The inmates trying out this past week for new spots on the Second Chance training team have been asking for her. Even with all the activity and all these new people, she has been very well tempered  and has allowed anyone to manipulate her. She's  energetic and loves to play. She's been getting training on playing with a toy and then releasing it and has excelled at everything. Her handler thinks she's the perfect pet! She is well balanced and knows all her commands, is loving but with no separation anxiety. She plays well with all the larger dogs, including the grown CCI labs, who she loves. She's fine with climbing stairs and very easy to groom. Maria is an outgoing girl who calms easily after play. One of the women who comes to work in the prison has fallen for her and is always asking to see her. This happy girl loves everyone and whoever gets her will love her, too!