Giggles is really starting to trust and interact socially. She gives excited tail wags and greetings. She’s extremely sweet and such a well-behaved dog. The dorm residents practice commands with her, and Giggles has really come along in her training and in her comfort in her surroundings. Large crowds and noise still make her shy but she is so much better than a few weeks ago. They have had the joy of exercising her out on the track field and practicing jumps with her on the obstacle course. She loves going through her commands with her handler out on the grassy areas, where she can smell the different scents in the air. Giggles has been working especially on her stay command this past week.  She is a good heel walker and loves to prance around cute as ever! Her handlers have a continuing goal to lessen her anxiety in certain areas. She’s made outstanding and wonderful progress even this far.  Giggles is on her way to an amazing, loving life that lies ahead of her.