What a reward the journey with Giggles has been this past week for her two handlers. They have seen a completely different greyhound from 4 weeks ago. For the first time, Giggles has shown excitement and has wagged her tail more than several times. She is starting to get comfortable and more trusting of her surroundings. There is still work to do, as she is still timid in noisier places, but progress is showing and they all love her. Giggles has had the pleasure of going to the education building for periods of time to socialize and she does well in the classroom setting. Training is coming along and having mastered sit, Giggles is now learning stay. She knows all the basics and is working on practicing them to respond more quickly. She does well with stairs. She is also a very good dog and behaves excellently around other dogs such as labs, poodles and the other greyhounds. The highlight of the week was Giggles going around the compound trick-or-treating on Halloween as a Bulldogs cheerleader - cute as ever! They all loved her.