Let Training Begin

Chief is adjusting well to his new surroundings and bonding with his inmate trainer.  So far Chief hasn't been particularly interested in toys, but loves to explore and wants to investigate every area he can find!  He gets gets excited at times and pulls on the leash so his inmate trainer is working to slow him down by telling him "easy."  

Chief plays well with the other dogs in the big yard.  While playing this week he injured his right paw with a slight tear to the pad.  It'll be healed in a few days and he'll be back to running and exploring.  

On the training front Chief knows hurry, let's go, kennel and bed really well!  He's working on release, wait, heel, here, sit, down, and stay.  He's still a little slow to respond as he figures all of this new stuff out.  His inmate trainer is looking forward to the days to come and knows that Chief is going to do great!