Retirement Ready

As hard as it is it believe it’s graduation time!  Chief’s inmate trainer says that Chief is a very trainable boy.  He says that it’s hard to believe now, but in the beginning Chief would do all commands except the sit command!  Now he responds to all his commands like a champ.  He has no problem with the stairs or jumping.  He plays well with the other dogs in the big yard.  His inmate trainer says that Chief is a great companion who will be missed.  His inmate trainer knows that this lovable guy is going to make some lucky family very happy.  

Graduation Time Is Almost Here

As usual, Chief is being his happy lovable self.  His inmate trainer is happy to have him back after swap week.  He knows all of his commands and responds really well to them. 

Chief doesn’t like to share his bed with other dogs - he says he needs room for his long legs.  He enjoys sleeping in the roach position which is truly adorable.  He’s still not a big fan of loud noises and is a little slower to warm up to strangers. 

His inmate trainer says that Chief is a wonderful boy who’s going to make someone very happy! 

Gentle and Sweet

Chief's alternate inmate handler really enjoyed the week with this sweet boy!  He says that at first Chief wasn't sure about the new environment, but it didn't take him long to warm up!  Before the week was finished Chief was responding to many commands given with hand signal only cues!  

Chief is a a playful boy with a gentle and sweet disposition.   His alternate handler says that Chief is a great dog and is going to make the ultimate family pet.  

Fine Tuning The Basics

Chief continues to do a great job fine tuning his basic commands!  With graduation approaching it’s time for the hound swap!  The dogs will be handed off to an alternate trainer to encourage command response from new people as well as experiencing a new dorm environment.  Chief’s primary trainer is going to miss having Chief around for a week but knows that he’s going to do great!  

Easy Going

Chief is doing really well with his commands and knows them all with verbal or hand signal requests!  He jumps on and off the benches when requested and plays well with the other Greyhounds in the big yard.  His inmate trainer says that Chief likes to spend time in his crate as well as hanging out in the day room with his trainer.    

Chief is a easy going low key guy.  He gets excited when it's time to go outside or in the big yard for exercise. His inmate trainer says that he is enjoying his time with Chief and knows that this wonderful boy is going to make a lucky family very happy!    

Mr. Lovable

Chief has adapted to prison nicely!  He is preforming his basic commands really well!  His inmate trainer works with him four times a day in 15 minute increments.  He jumps on and off the bench with no problem and preforms sit, down, here, and heel correctly.  He is unsure of loud noises and can be a little shy around unfamiliar people at first, but adjusts quickly.

His inmate trainer says that by the time Chief graduates he will be in tip top shape with his commands.  Chief is a loving dog and works hard for for his inmate trainer.  Working with Chief has given his inmate trainer a sense of caring, love, and responsibility.   

Happy Days

Chief is my name and I'm training for retirement in your home!  This week I learned about stairs and did well with them!  I enjoy running in the big yard with the other Greys.  I don't mind jumping up on the bench when asked to do so.  I'm still figuring out this whole sit thing.  It's just not natural!  No worries though I'll get the hang of it soon.  My inmate trainer and I have been working to clean up my basic commands which I do in exchange for a treat.  Treats make me happy.  Did you know that I've gained weight since entering the training program?  I'm looking all handsome at 71.4 pounds!  

Training Days

Chief and his inmate trainer have been working on the sit command this week and Chief is responding much better!  He is still very alert to all of the loud noises and movement around him, but he's coming around and settling in. His inmate trainer is working with him in many areas of the compound to help Chief adjust to preforming commands in different environments.   

Chief is doing well with hurry, let's go, kennel, wait, and here!  He is a little slow to respond to release, here, down and bed, but his inmate trainer knows that it's just a matter of time before he picks up these commands as well.   He is also jumping on and off the small yard bench without fear!

Days of His Life

Great news!  The injured paw is almost completely heeled!  His inmate trainer works with him in 20 to 30 min intervals going over basic commands.   Chief knows hurry, let's go, kennel, wait, heel, here and bed very well!  He is slow to respond to stay, sit, and down, but his inmate trainer knows that Chief will be responding like a pro in no time!  

Chief's inmate trainer says that training Chief has given him a sense of responsibility and pride.  He is looking forward to watching Chief grow and learn how to live life as a retired family pet.  

Let Training Begin

Chief is adjusting well to his new surroundings and bonding with his inmate trainer.  So far Chief hasn't been particularly interested in toys, but loves to explore and wants to investigate every area he can find!  He gets gets excited at times and pulls on the leash so his inmate trainer is working to slow him down by telling him "easy."  

Chief plays well with the other dogs in the big yard.  While playing this week he injured his right paw with a slight tear to the pad.  It'll be healed in a few days and he'll be back to running and exploring.  

On the training front Chief knows hurry, let's go, kennel and bed really well!  He's working on release, wait, heel, here, sit, down, and stay.  He's still a little slow to respond as he figures all of this new stuff out.  His inmate trainer is looking forward to the days to come and knows that Chief is going to do great!