WOW, What a Rough Week . . .

Well, can I start off saying that this week has really tested our endurance and tolerance?  It has indeed. 

First, we've been treating a Greyhound since we repaired her broken heel back on Friday, July 13, 2012.  She acquired a terrible infection that we just couldn't contain.  The infection contained two differenct bacteria.  One is the eColi bacteria and the other the Enterococcus Faecalis bacteria.  The eColi bacteria was slowly responding to antibiotics whereas the Enterococcus Faecalis bacteria only responds to one antibiotic - ever and that's iffy, too.  It has to be administered intravenously every day for seven days and cannot be repeated because it is so dangerous to the kidneys.

Today she looses that leg entirely via amputation.  The infection continues to rage inside her foot on the bone to the extent that it has deteriorated the bone.  The foot is not functional and not repairable.  It looks like cottage cheese on the x-ray.  And, no, there are no signs of osteo. 

I tell you this was the toughest conclusion to have to deal with after all the time, effort, and money we've thrown at trying to eradicate the infection.  It's a very helpless feeling because there is absolutely nothing more we can do.  Pie has been a champ throughout the last six weeks and is the happiest girl I think I've ever seen.  She's a flower child in diguise! 

It will be a very tough day as we wait for word from the veterinarian hospital that she is awake and okay.  Very tough day indeed for us, but even more so for Pie.  She will come through it all with flying colors, I know, because she is just such a bright shining star herself.  It's a setback, yes, but we'll all get through it.

The other "event" to occur this week is that we have found out that one of our pups in the prison in Florida appears to be blind.  He had some issues at the track, which now do appear to be in line with blindness, which forced the trainer to retire him.  He was a Grade A racer 3 months ago but has been declining since, hence his retirement. 

He has an appointment next Thursday with an opthamologist and we hope to have a definitive diagnosis at that time.  In the meantime, he will be coming home from the prison program which is another disappointment.  We believe learning basic obedience skills will provide him with an awesome foundation he'll need for future learning as a non-sighted Greyhound.  But he will get the same type of learning in his foster home.  His foster Mom is an avid trainer of Greyhounds which will be wonderful for him.  He'll definitely be in the right place!

He'll need a special forever home - one with lots of love, patience, and other Greyhounds but I'm most certain we will find that special place for him to live out his retired days! 

Everyone, please keep these two dogs in your thoughts and prayers.  They've both been handed an awful draw of the cards but they will persevere and will be wonderful pets for two wonderful families one day soon!