The Hunt Continues


What hunt, you ask?  Well, we continue to research vocational technical programs offered within the Georgia prison system in an effort to determine where our Greyhound prison foster and training program will fit best and better than that, which prison within the system.

In our research we visited with the women inmates at Metro Women's Transitional Center.  Here they provide preliminary service dog training for lab puppies who after their year there, go on to "college" at a facility in New York. They are then provided to families in need of a service dog - to the tune of $25,000 or more, each.  That fee is usually paid for by grants and donations. 

The other facility we visited was Arrendale State Prison.  This prison houses the State's only death row for women.  At the time we visited, it was for the launch of their Equine rescue program.  The women were rehabilitating and training horses that have been confiscated by the state Department of Agriculture, usually due to neglect.  After rehab, the horses are sold as pets.  It's a great program that not only provides a skill for the inmate but helps the horses recover and move on to a healthy, life with a family who loves them.  It's another win-win in my book!

Prisons are usually very welcoming to programs that engage the inmate, providing a skill set that can be utilized after prison life, and helps the community in general.  We are hopeful that our time is coming.