Happy Thanksgiving! It was a truly wonderful holiday weekend.  There were so many different food smells in the air and Samson did absolutely wonderfully at leaving people's food alone!  He would sniff here and there but with just a mild correction, he'd walk off and mind his manners.  No table snatching!  They still continued their daily exercise around the track and tennis court.  The weather was kind of chilly, so he had his winter coat on.  You should see him in this leopard print coat!  He looks adorable and prances like a mix between a camel and a pony.  He has such character.  Everyone on the compound knows his name and loves giving him lots of attention.  The staff love to give him treats and at times he'll do every command/trick he has learned just to be rewarded with some good stuff.  Samson still likes to hang with his humans and doesn't mind the other greyhounds around him.  He's definitely a leader, not a follower - has lots of confidence, swagger and liveliness.  He's an affectionate boy and will completely steal your heart.