"Goodbye my sweet boy!" says Samson's handler.  He's become the biggest part of her life and the happiest part of her day.  This dog is truly, truly amazing and she cannot imagine one person he could come into contact with who wouldn't fall in love with him. He's well-mannered, social, friendly and - for the most part - calm and laid back. The most memorable moments she will cherish about him will be how he stares at her with those big, beautiful brown eyes and winks with a slight smile as if saying to her: "I'll tell ya something!"  This boy gets along with all the other greyhounds.  He doesn't mind being kenneled and will just get cozy and go to sleep.  He loves going on walks and will let you know when he's ready to stop!  He can get a little antsy at mealtimes, but he minds his manners in seconds and sits calmly.  She is in tears thinking about his departure, but she knows the two of them worked so well together and achieved their purpose to ready Samson for his forever home.  His new family will be thrilled, excited and blessed to have him.  And now his handler is so ready - and excited - to help another rescued K-9.