S - is for the super-intelligent K9 he is.

A - is for the amazing and awesome personality he has

M - is for the good manners he shows.

S - is for his soft, sensitive side (he's totally gentle :-) )

O - is for his outstanding behavior.

N - is for his natural beauty (he's truly handsome).

These words from his handler describe her little partner and more!  He's  come a long way on his journey and she is very proud of him.  Samson isn't afraid to step into new situations and surroundings because he's a very strong-minded dog.  He trusts his handlers and the team and is a very people friendly dog who wants nothing more than to please, earn teats and praise, go for long walks and eat (and sleep!). He's doing great in  his training and has come along especially well in handling steps - slower coming down than going up, but he does them!  And this week he allowed his nails to be clipped with hardly any fuss.   Now all he is waiting for is to share his gift of life with some new family.