Samson’s handler is ecstatic as this boy finally went up the stairs this week on leash. He was hesitant but did it! Next step will be to get him to go down. He will do it soon, she has no doubt. It was an alternate handler who helped with this – teamwork really paying off in training the hounds. Samson had also been difficult when it came to nail trimming time, but this week he was much better, with only a little grumbling. His handler was so proud of him and gave him several milk bones and some beef jerky as a reward…he loved it! Samson is a super friendly boy who craves attention and has a super duper personality. He has a new human friend who he adores: the side bunky to his handler, who thinks he’s the best greyhound in the world and loves waking to his friendliness and his sweet doggie licks. When he finds his forever family, she really hopes they will feel that way about him, too.