Samson is fantastic. He's what they call the Power House around there. He's so strong and fast. He ran off leash for the first time this week and you should have seen him GO! He's a fast greyhound and moves like the wind. He's a high energy dog, though he calms easily with firm correction. He now knows how to sit. His back legs are still kind of shaky holding the position, but he'll wobble for that yummy snack. On his mission to explore, he's still pulling on his martingale but it's much improved since he arrived. A lot of it is due to curiosity - he has to smell everything - but his handler believes that with lots of exercise and play he'll "slow his roll." She's having a blast with Samson, and the assistant warden even adores him, likewise every inmate who comes in contact with him. He's so affectionate towards people. He's not into toys and shies away from all sizes of balls for now. He does well around the other greyhounds and at this point pays no attention to the service dogs (poodles, shitzus, labs etc.). Samson sleeps well through the night and might give a quick little whine in the morning to alert you that he's awake and it's chow and potty time...then he goes back to sleep. His future forever family will be thrilled and blessed to have him as a companion and family member.