First Impressions - 10/06/13

Right from the start, Samson connected with his handler and nuzzled her and since day one he has been comfortably lying next to her while she sits on the floor. He was slipping and sliding on the shiny floors for the first ten minutes but since then has been fine with them. In his new environment, Samson is curious about everything and is an extremely happy boy. He has a tendency to pull and as he is a big, strong hound with a mission to explore, his handler is going to use a gentle leader and a harness to get him on track early with heel walking. Samson hasn't whined, barked, marked or shown any aggression with dogs, inmates or staff. He's a big, gentle grey who is constantly looking for affection. He hasn't shown interest in toys yet, but he did enjoy discovering the kiddie pool. He just stepped right in after his walk and lay down in the water! Samson is a lovely boy and he also has the most unique and beautiful eyes - he is definitely an "eye catcher"!