First Impressions - 07/28/13

The first few days with Monkey Face have been amazing, her inmate says.  She came in very excited and curious about everything.  They've named her "Serenity".

So far she no fears of anyone. She walks right up to all the staff members, uniformed and those in street clothes, men and women, she likes them all.  She isn't afraid loud noises or bouncing balls.  In fact, she wanted to chase the bouncing basketball in the gym.

Overall she is adjusting well to her new environment.  She has bonded well with her two handlers.  She loves to cuddle and sticks close to her handler.  It's very sweet she says.  She has already stolen her inmate's heart with her sweet, loving ways. 

Both of her handlers are looking forward to training Serenity during the next nine weeks.  Her personality will most certainly blossom during this time and that is what they are looking forward to seeing!