Serenity has had a very good week.  She has bonded with both of her handlers as they began training this week.  They've begun work on the "sit" command.  She sits in her kennel all the time and they praise her for it but she hasn't made the connection between the word and the action yet.  She will though - all in good time.

Serenity is very smart and very loving.  She loves to cuddle in her handlers' laps at the end of the day and just relax.  She also loves to be brushed and will lean into them when they brush her.

Usually when a dog goes up to someone, they will leave when they realize the person doesn't have a treat.  No so with Serenity.  She is there for the affection.  She goes up to everyone.  She'll put her face right up to everyone for hugs and loves to be hugged around the neck.   She even goes up to staff for some loving!

She is the sweetest and is very gentle.  She loves it when you talk to her, too.  She is going to be a pleasure to work with and love.  She eats well and goes into the kiddie pools with ease. 

She has let her handlers clip her nails and clean her ears.  She is a very good girl.  They love her already!!