Happy birthday to me!

I've had a busy week! First, today is my 7th birthday. Because foster sister Bessie's 7th birthday is Tuesday, we had a joint party and invited Hal. We wore the birthday hats and ate Frosty Paws. It was so fun.

The seven-year-olds partying!

The seven-year-olds partying!

I also took a road trip. Foster Mom says that I'm a great car rider, and I do something that Hal and Bessie can't - I jump into the car on my own. We went to a place with lots of food. The people were really nice, and I slept in the room with my Foster Grandmother. 

We all watched football, including a game called the Iron Bowl. The people yelled at the TV, but that didn't phase me at all because I'm not nervous about noises. Everyone was very happy at the end of the game, too.

My selfie at the veterinarian!

My selfie at the veterinarian!

On Friday, I went to the veterinarian to get some updates. He said that I was a good healthy boy, but I did have an ear infection. I will be all better soon. Foster Mom is putting steroid drops in my ears. I'm not crazy about that, but I do stand still and let her rub my head while the medicine gets down in my ear. Then when the petting stops, I try to shake all that medicine right out.

Frankly, Scarlet, I'm Handsome.

Hey everyone! I'm Rhett, and through no fault of my own, I'm back in the SCG fold looking for a forever home. My foster mother says that I'm quite a handsome long dog with a long snoot and long tail.

I'm settling into my foster home and starting to wag that long tail. I have a couple of foster siblings (Hal and Bessie who are also SCG hounds) that I'm getting along with really well. We sit and shake to get cookies, and we go for walks all together because I'm a great leash walker. I don't ever cause any of the tangles - that's Hal. Of course, I had prison training so all of that is easy for me. And best of all, we spend lots of time napping between meals and trips outside.


More soon. I'm getting ready for a holiday called Thanksgiving. I heard some rumors about getting turkey. Yum!


Rhett has been a complete joy to be around.  He does pull on his leash, but can be corrected, and he does all his commands well.  This boy does a sit and wait before his meals and will do a down and stay, not moving until his handler is about 15 feet away and releases him.  He's a great dog, very smart and a quick learner.  Rhett had a change in handlers two weeks ago when his original handler was transferred to work release.  His personality and disposition never changed with the new handling team.  He's sweet and affectionate, just ready to hang out, and with his tail always wagging!  He will make his forever family very happy.


Rhett is such a great dog and his handler would love to have him at home with her!  He had had some problems with gas, but a switch in his kibble has made a great difference. His handler's bunkies are happy! Rhett loves to play with his toys. If you throw a toy, he will go pick it up and bring it back to his blanket. He enjoys sharing quiet time with his handler and he chews a bone while she rubs on him and reads a book to him. He has learned two more commands: shake and also find the kibble. If you put kibble in one hand and let him smell both hands, he will lift his paw to grab the hand with the kibble in it. It really is cute.


Rhett spent the weekend with another handler as part of the handler swap for socialization, and they had a nice time together, watching TV and playing ball. He loves to play fetch. He also listens very well and is gentle. She really enjoyed her time with him. Other than being reluctant to shake paws, he does great on all his commands and on the stairs. His weekend handler is sure he's going to make whoever adopts him very happy.


Rhett is such an amazing dog. He loves to play. He has the funniest sense of orderliness. If he is in the dorm playing, all his toys have to be on the bed at all times. Rhett does not like his toys all over the place! His handler wishes his new family the joy she has had in being with Rhett. He's so lovable and sweet.  His most favorite thing is to be scratched; his whole body will jump and shake - it's adorable! His handler loves him and knows his forever family will love him, too.


Rhett is such a happy dog. His tail is always wagging, even when he’s lying upside down in his kennel! He does a good heel and at weekends goes for practice walks with the Easter Seal dogs a lot. His sit/stay still needs more practice – he’s being a little hard-headed about it but does it if his handler perseveres! He doesn’t yet shake and is a little slow to respond to wait, but does follow through. His other commands are all great. He really is a good boy.


Rhett is a really smart dog. He will sit/stay for his food and his handler is working on his staying at other times. His commands are all progressing well. He's currently learning two extra commands, Visit and Pick it up, just to switch things up so that he doesn't get bored. Rhett loves to pick things up and carry them in his mouth. He will make a great family pet. He's lovable, playful and loyal.


From the moment his handler was given his leash on day one, Rhett's nubby tail hasn't stopped wagging! He's a very happy boy and really sweet. He loves toys and loves to play. He has a tendency to be a bit bouncy, so his handler is working on him to stop that, lest he knock people over in his enthusiasm!  He's getting better and all she has to say is No and he stops. This week's training has focused on practicing stay. His down/stay is getting really good. His sit/stay is being practiced at meal times, which is tough for this boy, who is thinking "food, food," but with a couple of repeats, he realizes what his handler wants and he stays. Rhett still sleeps upside down. His favorite pastime is to be scratched on his tummy - he either flops over or spreadeagles on his back for this treat. He also really enjoys being rubbed all over his back legs. If you rub his chest, he will jump all over the place!


Rhett is such a wonderful dog. He is always so happy and loves being  petted and rubbed. This boy has been introduced carefully to the small Easter Seal puppies with good results so far. He even let one lick his plastic muzzle. His handler is watching his interaction closely as he is very interested in them. He's learning his commands really well. He knows sit, down, stay, here, heel, bed and wait. He's a bit slow on stairs but but will do them. Rhett loves to play on the dog field; it's cute to watch. He's also an adorable sleeper, lying upside down with all legs in the air. The dorm residents love to watch him roll upside down! Rhett is a gentle hound who also loves to play with toys and chase a ball.


Saying Rhett is a lover is putting it mildly. He will make you love on him. He's gradually getting used to his name, but sometimes his mind is more focused on playing. He loves toys, especially any that make a noise. He's doing his bed command and his handler is working with him on sit. Scooping him, she says, is like scooping a horse! He's gotten to where he will finish the sit if she starts the scoop. His feeding time is also being used to practice his sit. He shows a lot of interest in the CCI and Easter Seal dogs and his handler is keeping an eye out as a precaution. This boy is very cute, with his little nub of a tail and the endearing way his tongue sometimes hangs out the side of his mouth! He's such a sweet, lovely boy.

First Impressions - 10/06/13

CRT Harvey is going by the name Rhett. He's a gentle boy and has no fear of people. He goes right up to everyone to let them pet him and lays his head in his handler's lap for lots of loving. He's really amazing. His handler is so much looking forward to the remaining nine weeks with him. This boy has a shorter tail and it really gives him character. His handler says he's a gentle giant and she loves him already.