Frankly, Scarlet, I'm Handsome.

Hey everyone! I'm Rhett, and through no fault of my own, I'm back in the SCG fold looking for a forever home. My foster mother says that I'm quite a handsome long dog with a long snoot and long tail.

I'm settling into my foster home and starting to wag that long tail. I have a couple of foster siblings (Hal and Bessie who are also SCG hounds) that I'm getting along with really well. We sit and shake to get cookies, and we go for walks all together because I'm a great leash walker. I don't ever cause any of the tangles - that's Hal. Of course, I had prison training so all of that is easy for me. And best of all, we spend lots of time napping between meals and trips outside.


More soon. I'm getting ready for a holiday called Thanksgiving. I heard some rumors about getting turkey. Yum!