From the moment his handler was given his leash on day one, Rhett's nubby tail hasn't stopped wagging! He's a very happy boy and really sweet. He loves toys and loves to play. He has a tendency to be a bit bouncy, so his handler is working on him to stop that, lest he knock people over in his enthusiasm!  He's getting better and all she has to say is No and he stops. This week's training has focused on practicing stay. His down/stay is getting really good. His sit/stay is being practiced at meal times, which is tough for this boy, who is thinking "food, food," but with a couple of repeats, he realizes what his handler wants and he stays. Rhett still sleeps upside down. His favorite pastime is to be scratched on his tummy - he either flops over or spreadeagles on his back for this treat. He also really enjoys being rubbed all over his back legs. If you rub his chest, he will jump all over the place!