Training Days

Since Chase can perform all of his basic commands on cue and most of his advanced commands without the use of treats his alternate inmate handler has stepped in to help with the training process.  At first Chase refused to do anything for the alternate handler, but he eventually realized that commands can be given by anyone and they too offer yummy treat rewards. 

As you read last week, they have been working on training Chase to touch on cue…. well, this lead to Chase randomly touching things and expecting a treat!  His inmate trainers have been working to focus this response by using a checker taped to the wall. When Chase touches the checker on command he gets a treat! 

Circle is another command that has improved and his trainer hopes to turn circle into spin!  They’re still working on the kiss command, but Chase can be pretty stingy with his kisses.  The pray command is coming along nicely – needless to say he looks adorable doing it. 

Next week Chase will go to a temporary handler for hound swap week.  This will help Chase understand that it’s okay to respond to more people and that having time away from his primary handler is fun!