Catching Tossed Treats

This week was spent polishing up all of the basic commands.  Chase and his inmate trainer worked on verbal only cues and hand signal only cues.  Chase is hesitant to preform repetitive commands without treats.  His inmate trainer is working to wean him off the kibble reward.  

Chase has been learning how to pray.  His inmate trainer says that this has been a neat trick to train as it combines several commands into one.  They are working to put the finishing touches on this command, but his inmate trainer knows that Chase will be preforming this one on cue in no time!  

Chase has also learned how to catch treats out of midair.  This trick lead to teaching him to balance a treat on his nose, popping it into the air and catching it!  His inmate trainer is enjoying his time with Chase and believes that he is going to make a wonderful family pet.