Time to Focus...

Deja is a dog of focus. Once something has attracted her attention she fully focuses on it.  Toys, food, running all have the ability to capture her undivided attention.  Just look at those eyes!

Food just happens to be her primary passion.  She’s so enamored with food that everything else fails in comparison.  Meal times are her favorite times of the day.  Her internal clock never lies and she’s always right on time!  She’s all business shaking out release, heel, sit and eat like a champ!  

Next has to be her love of toys.  She LOVES them… running after them… tossing them… chewing on them.  

Last but not least is running.  She has amazing energy and speed!  Long after her running mates have finished she’s still going.  

Her inmate trainer says that Deja is brilliant and easy to love!  She catches onto everything quickly.  He says that she’s a joy to train and is looking forward to the days ahead!