Lovable Little Lady

Deja’s second week has been interesting. As she has gotten more comfortable, she has started opening up to her trainer and becoming more excited and energetic around him. She is a very curious girl and loves exploring her surroundings, and she especially loves meeting new people. There are no strangers in Deja’s world!

On the yard, her energy has no bounds. She can really run! Not only is she fast, she also has incredible endurance, even for a greyhound. Deja will still be running around when her fellow hounds are taking a moment to catch their breath. Training will be easy as Deja is very, very treat-motivated. Her trainer has found no treats that she doesn’t like.

Deja is a very lovable girl who loves to be petted. She truly basks in attention, never growing tired of it at all. Her trainer finds her to be a very sweet dog and he is more pleased with being her trainer, with every passing day. Her shining personality reveals more of itself every day!