Toss Me A Toy

Deja continues to do very well with her commands.  She’s smart and eager to please.  Playtime is her favorite pastime.  She enjoys exploring and training, but toys… now that’s her passion.  Her inmate trainer says that she gets really excited when he brings out her favorite toys.  She will retrieve any toy he tosses and will wait with glee for him to do it again.  

Her inmate trainer says that he’s increased her playtime to help keep things fun for her.  He says she’s an amazing dog who’s going to bring fun and happiness into her new family home.  She’s energetic but calms easily and settles nicely when playtime is over. 

Pick me!!

After a month, Deja has now learned all of her commands! She is amazingly smart and is spending her time practicing stairs since she’s nailed all the commands. It’s a matter of reinforcing training and making sure she’s got them all down, so she’ll keep working on them even though she’s mastered them. She’s also practicing her leash-walking, toy etiquette, etc. What a fancy lady!

Deja is going to make an AWESOME pet, and her trainer is diligently working every day to make sure she’s as awesome as possible!

Time to Focus...

Deja is a dog of focus. Once something has attracted her attention she fully focuses on it.  Toys, food, running all have the ability to capture her undivided attention.  Just look at those eyes!

Food just happens to be her primary passion.  She’s so enamored with food that everything else fails in comparison.  Meal times are her favorite times of the day.  Her internal clock never lies and she’s always right on time!  She’s all business shaking out release, heel, sit and eat like a champ!  

Next has to be her love of toys.  She LOVES them… running after them… tossing them… chewing on them.  

Last but not least is running.  She has amazing energy and speed!  Long after her running mates have finished she’s still going.  

Her inmate trainer says that Deja is brilliant and easy to love!  She catches onto everything quickly.  He says that she’s a joy to train and is looking forward to the days ahead! 

Lovable Little Lady

Deja’s second week has been interesting. As she has gotten more comfortable, she has started opening up to her trainer and becoming more excited and energetic around him. She is a very curious girl and loves exploring her surroundings, and she especially loves meeting new people. There are no strangers in Deja’s world!

On the yard, her energy has no bounds. She can really run! Not only is she fast, she also has incredible endurance, even for a greyhound. Deja will still be running around when her fellow hounds are taking a moment to catch their breath. Training will be easy as Deja is very, very treat-motivated. Her trainer has found no treats that she doesn’t like.

Deja is a very lovable girl who loves to be petted. She truly basks in attention, never growing tired of it at all. Her trainer finds her to be a very sweet dog and he is more pleased with being her trainer, with every passing day. Her shining personality reveals more of itself every day!

Look deep into my eyes...

Deja is adjusting to her new environment and settling in nicely.  She is a very loving girl and getting petted is her favorite treat! She can’t get enough of all the affection and attention.  She’s also pretty content just relaxing on a bed.

Deja likes to run with the other dogs. She jumps and prances around like she’s something special, and she is!  She’s so cute!  Her trainer is enjoying her company and thinks she will do great at Second Chance Academy.   Next week, down to business…