Giggles' two handlers say that the joy of having this precious girl in their lives has brought lots of patience, confidence and love into their world. She's learning to trust and has made quite a turnaround since week one. She's being socialized off leash in the dorm and spends quite a bit of time exploring and checking everything out. Outside, the greyhounds spend time together socializing and she's a little shy in the group, though she enjoys the time exercising out on the field. Giggles is great at taking the stairs. She also knows here, heel, bed, wait and kennel. At the moment she's slow to respond, but follows through. She's being scooped to sit for meals and is finding it easier every day. For fun, her handlers throw squeaky toys for her and she responds well, interacting with them. Giggles loves to lean on you and has a sweet, calm diposition.