Tina Marie is so sweet and smart. It's clear she's a shy girl who takes her time getting to know you, but she's doing so well and now enjoys hugs from her handler and smiles to greet her when she's been gone or when she's let out of her crate. She's being given plenty of opportunity to socialize and experience other environments. Another weekend in a different dorm went well. Her alternate contact said she was so great to be around. She did really well roaming around the dorm and let one of the sergeants who walked through pet her. She's a good listener and performed her commands great for the alternate. She also came right away, tail wagging, when called. Tina Marie spent time as well this week with some inmates who were trying out for spots on the Second Chance training team. She did excellently and was so very good with all the different people. Training back at home dorm is going well. She knows all her basics and is now learning how to do shake. She climbs stairs without any difficulty.  Treats are the way to this sweet girl's heart!