Tina Marie is slowly acclimating to prison life.  She is being coaxed out of her kennel using kibble but it is working.  Her handler believes that with a little more time, getting her out of the kennel will be a non-issue.  She is a very sweet girl.

She has begun training starting with sit and scooping.  She is doing great thus far, with the scooping.  Her inmate is also working on "bed" while Tina Marie is in her kennel.  This is working quite well.  Eventually, her inmate will do this when Tina Marie is outside the kennel.   

Tina Marie will do a good "here" and her "wait" is also good.  She will do a "heel" with a lure.  Despite her shyness and being reluctant to do some commands this early on, she is progressing quite well.