Tina Marie has done a complete turnaround since she arrived so very timid almost 10 weeks ago. She is still shy when she first meets people but she has learned to become calm and trusting during her prison stay. She has such sweetness and is so very cute. She also listens very well; if you call Tina Marie, she will look every time. She's really good at all her commands and has mastered sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed and wait. She climbs stairs easily. The extra contact with the different inmates trying out for the program really helped her with socialization. Her handler's calm manner has also helped this hound feel more confident, following her handler's lead. Tina Marie does well with other dogs, large and small. She hasn't been into playing with toys but has fun chasing kibble that her handler rolls along the floor for her. She does love her treats. Tina Marie may be a little shy at first with her new family, but she loves to be loved and has sweetness, gentleness and playfulness that will make them fall in love with her.